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Homeward bound.


It’s been a bit of a wrench, but having clung on for as long as was practically possible I’m writing this on my way home. Watching the moving map trace our route from the cities of China, over the frozen Siberian tundra, to the familiar cities of eastern, then central Europe and now Dusseldorf, Amsterdam and London are the key reference points. For the first time in a year, no-one will want to stamp my passport and I won’t to fill out immigration or customs’ forms: three cheers for the EU! The night has chased us all the way, never quite catching us though as we skirted the far north it made a valiant effort.

Homeward bound

Homeward bound

What a year. There is a real world waiting for us of course – the others are all immersed already – but whatever problems that brings it has been worth it. We won’t be the same again, and we will do it again! Not necessarily a year of the same sort as this one, well, that would be a bit pointless, wouldn’t it. But even taking the van – or the bike – around Ireland, Britain or Eastern Europe will be different now. And Asia, such a vast place that we have barely scratched the surface of is just crying out for another visit.

But then so is South America, and there are so many places– Africa, Australasia, India –we didn’t even get to.

We’ve seen the world through different eyes, learned a different outlook. Hopefully learned to put ourselves in others’ shoes.

Not a bad lesson.