Lotus Cave – China – by Síle Tyrrell

Lotus Cave – China – by Síle Tyrrell, originalmente cargada por Bass Tyrrell.


Lotus Cave 22/10/2009
                        Lotus cave is a cave and
it was really amazing so I’m going to tell the story first.

We all rented bikes but Ailsa’s bike wasn’t the best so, when we headed
off for our cycle we went miles to far. And Ailsa’s arms started to ache
so mom went back with ailsa and dad and I carried on.
we asked for directions twice and went through little town with water
Buffaloes with huge horn running around FREE. And im the one who is scared
of all cow tipe things. So I rushed past them and wet around dad so if they
did want to charge their target would have been dad………….
hahahahahahaha. But after got into the cave it was amazing the colorful
lights were amazing and all the bats flying around you was amazing. It was
a good hours walk through the cave but worth dodging the Buffaloes.
On the way back I asked dad "would there be more buffaloes?" and his
respond was "probobly" but there wasn’t.

By the way Chingping is a really nice town.

sile tyrrell


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